Let's teach math with excellence, equity, and enthusiasm
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Mission Statement

My mission is to help teachers improve student math performance and enjoyment by cultivating teaching practices characterized by excellence, equity, and enthusiasm.

Replace procedural memorization that leaves students ill-prepared for unfamiliar problems with conceptual learning that creates flexible, adaptive learners.
Switch from segmented instruction that varies in cognitive demand and shortchanges underperforming groups of students to consistently rigorous instruction for all students.
Transform math instruction away from lessons that induce anxiety and boredom towards lessons that increase mathematical confidence and engage students in meaningful problem solving.

Resources for Teachers

A curated, annotated list of great math teaching resources

School children with arms around each other

Building a Math Community

Multi-cultural hands together

Teaching with Equity

Meredith teaching number talk

Number Talks

Children talking

Mathematical Discourse

Child building with straws

Worthwhile Tasks

Stack of books

Books I Love

About Meredith

I’m Meredith Stanley, a math specialist and coach, and I am “4 math” because I believe that every child and adult is wired to think mathematically.

When I was in school, I learned math using procedural techniques. When I could no longer mimic the procedures, I fell flat on my math face.

My mission is to help equip teachers with an instructional approach that empowers students to become lifelong mathematical thinkers, thinkers who are:

  • flexible and persevering.
  • eager to engage in mathematics playfully and with inquiry.
  • able to see themselves as capable of mathematics, instead of being frightened by it.

Let’s work together to teach math with excellence, equity, and enthusiasm!

More about me

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    Classroom teacher for 12 years, instructional coach, math specialist and professional development facilitator.

    Facilitator for TERC.

    Content editor for LearnZillion.

    NCCTM Western Region VP for Elementary.

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    Buncombe County Teacher of the Year

    Buncombe County Math Teacher of the Year

    Two-time Presidential Award in Math and Science finalist

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    National Board certification

    Masters in Mathematics Teaching, Mount Holyoke College

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    Outside of the classroom

    Married and mother of 2.

    Runner, hiker, crafter, vacation-lover.

My Services

I provide elementary and middle school math professional development services to school systems in North Carolina and beyond.

District-Level Coaching

  • Customized professional development workshops for teachers, coaches, and administrators
  • Parent workshops / Family nights
  • New teacher coaching and workshops
  • Implementation support for curriculum

School-Level Coaching

  • Math Labs (includes pedagogy and classroom teaching for the team to observe)
  • Individual and team coaching with reflection cycles
  • Grade level support
  • Customized professional development
  • Learning walks with school leadership

Developing Mathematical Ideas Seminars

  • A professional development series promoted by NCTM and designed by researchers to deepen teachers' mathematical thinking
  • Sessions include case studies, video classroom clips, and exploration of mathematics
  • For more information and to see the available modules, see the NCTM guide

Contact Me

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I’d love to help! Use the form below or email meredith@meredith4math.com